kikki.K Inspiration Collection

After being invited to the kikki.K Inspiration breakfast I felt energised, inspired and creatively charged. This breakfast was set up to meet with Kristina, the founder of kikki.K and other like minded young women where we would would explore and be introduced to the new Inspiration range from kikki.K. We started the morning with a meditation session with the lovely Jody Shield. Having been introduced to various ways of meditation more recently I found this one was particularly helpful as it was the first guided meditation I had ever done. Admittedly I’ve always shied away from this sort of thing but more recently I’ve been exposed to the benefits of meditation more and more through various people. It’s actually a really great way to start off the day, it leaves you feeling relaxed, calm and focused which is something I find I struggle with more and more these days being a lone freelancer. I really need to try and practise it more! I think we can all be guilty of leading a very fast-paced life sometimes without giving ourselves a moment in the day to gather ourselves, take a moment and feel balanced. That’s where the new inspiration range also comes into play too.
There are four beautiful books each based around an individual theme of DREAM, DO, ENJOY & SHARE. We were asked to write down our dreams in the DREAM book, all in all there are 101 dreams (I wrote down just a few for now!) Apparently you’re 43% more likely to achieve your dreams if you write them all down, who knew this!! I’m writing them all down from now on then… This was a really helpful exercise to me I found, especially creatively in what I do. There are SO many things I want to do and produce and create, the ideas are always whizzing around my head but life and projects take over, and somehow they always seem to take a back seat. One thing I’d really like to do is to create my own card range, I have created two ranges now for other brands including Jolly Awesome and Primrose Bakery, but to create my own is a real dream of mine, something I didn’t realise how much I wanted to do until the inspiration breakfast. Another dream of mine is to work with neon and light, I LOVE neon so much and I really want to incorporate it into my work and my signs somehow, I’m actually going to be doing a neon workshop at the end of this month which I am so looking forward to and will definitely post details of up on the blog. Anyway, writing this down affirmed the fact that I really want to do this, this dream, this desire to create was again heightened just from putting pen to paper in the kikki.K Dream book. I urge you to write a list of things you want to do or achieve and see what happens.

Kristina explained to us her daily morning routine, I found this fascinating as she told us she would rise each morning just before 5am before having a few daily rituals she would practise whilst most of everyone was still sound asleep. More recently I have been reading about the benefits of being an early riser, I have always struggled with getting up so early as I just love the comfort of my bed so much! Something I want to DO is to wake up earlier each morning. I usually set my alarm for 7am but I am the guilty few which presses snooze for what seems like no time at all but actually ends up being about another hour! This I hear is probably the worst way to wake up in the morning as it confuses your body. Each Thursday I have an exercise class at my gym which starts at 7am, meaning I have to wake up at 6am to walk up Brick Lane to my gym. I find this more than easy to do every Thursday so I don’t know why I really struggle to do it every day! I do try and go to the gym every single day but I’d like to go earlier. Kristinas morning routine definitely inspired me to try and wake up earlier so this is a pledge that I am making to try and do so.

There are other things I really want to do. The DO book also tells you to value your time, there are so many different things which arise every day which distract you from your goals in daily life. A big one is my phone, I must spend so much wasted time browsing, scrolling and messaging on my phone which is actually time just wasted, in turn stopping me from actually DOING a lot of things I want to achieve. It's not about excuses, it's about doing the things you really want to actually DO.

The other books consist of things to ENJOY, how often do we actually sit and think how much we are enjoying our lives? What do we get out of doing the things we do, is it satisfying to us? I am lucky enough to be doing something that I really enjoy as my job, it’s rewarding and creative but there’s always certain little things that I don’t enjoy. I don’t enjoy admin and accounting, in fact I loathe it…but if I didn’t do these parts of my job then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the job I am actually doing.
The last book is SHARE, this teaches you to share your strengths, what lessons you have learnt, your experiences and to share them and pass them on with the people you love. Another exercise was to write down our talents, skills, and strengths you have. This is actually a really difficult exercise! It's hard to find things which you're good at and put them down on paper, meaning a lot of us spend time actually putting ourselves down and focusing on our negative points. The kikki.K SHARE book teaches the opposite. It also touches on random acts of kindness, something which I want to explore more, it talks about purpose and what we 'should' be doing. 

All the books are full of really lovely inspirational quotes which really resonate with you whilst you flick through each book. They are a really good tool for anyone hoping to be more productive and for those hoping to realise their dreams. I get people often messaging me asking me how I got into doing what I am doing now and it's good to be able to pass on as much knowledge as I can so that other people can realise their creative dreams. These books are also beautifully presented in hard back so look great on your coffee table, meaning they can be picked up every now and then to affirm their messages and help you along the way. 'Live your best life, every day' is a really strong message which we all need to be more more in tune with.